Your Marietta Rug Cleaning Specialists

When was your rug last cleaned? If has not been cleaned in the last 3 years, let us inspect it and determine if it needs professional cleaning. All oriental rugs are ready for thorough professional deep cleaning after 5 years.

Each rug is hand washed to moisturize, rejuvenate and revive the wool. We do NOT run your rug through an automated machine "car wash style". We are NOT a high production rug cleaning facility, We treat your rug right!


End your search for a Marietta rug cleaner right now.

No Bad Jobs - Premium carpet cleaning in Marietta and Kennesaw - Atlanta Rug Dusting - Our powerful yet gentle rug dusting process removes deeply embedded soils and abrasive dirt, sand and grit hiding in your expensive rug
Rug Cleaning - After dusting, the rugs are cleaned with the most effective method recommended for your rug. Treat your rugs to our Rug Spa
Fiber Protector - Fiber protector to optimize your vacuums effeciency, resist spills, make future cleanings more effective and extend the rugs life.
Guaranteed Protective Finish - The worlds strongest fiber protector along with the worlds strongest guarantee. Your rug will remain free from spots or spills for 6 months or we will re-clean it completely free of charge. We highly recommend it!
Moth Removal - Our environmentally friendly moth removal service can save your precious rugs life. Moth proofing is a must if you want to safely guard against insect damage in your wool rugs while in storage or in use.
Anti-Allergen Treatment - Perfect for all allergy sufferers. Our unique remedial product containing powerful, yet non toxic natural ingredients formulated to de-nature dust mite and feline allergen, thereby bringin immediate and positive benefit to people with asthma, rhinitis, eczema, or other related conditions,

We are the picky rug cleaners. Educated, honest, hardest working rug cleaners in the rug cleaning business.